Researching the relationship between performance and drawing, as well as focusing on the aspects of time, space, development and process, drawing can quite literally subsume me. For my eye the line becomes a material, like dental floss, water, or even pleats. The pencil can therefore be replaced by other tools, for instance, my body. The surface of the work can also become anything - paper, the floor, a window, a mirror, or even just a retina.


Dezembermitcaroline, Drawing and Coillage, Dez. 2015


Anellesend, Drawing and Collage, Oct. 2015
                                                                                      Walldrawing, 2012

                                                    Shelf drawing 2012  

  Trauermarsch, Zeichnungen, Schwarzer Stift auf Folie, Maße variabel, Galerie st. gabriel, Frankfurt, 2011

QUALITÉ, 29th May-05th June 2010 Kiosk Moguntia, Studio Jilavu/Schmelz, Waggonfabrik Mainz              

Der verlorene Faden, Klosterpresse Frankfurt, May 2010     

Drawing Performance "In Season" of Traci Kelly at EPAF09, Warsaw Oct.09              

Biographical Horizons, Drawing Installation in the Laing Art Galery, 2009                                                         

Window Drawing EULENGASSE 2009 Ausstellungsraum Eulengasse 65 Frankfurt am Main                                                                                                                                                                                   

Living project: drawing during 2003 and 2004 for two weeks as a guest in twelve homes in different places over Germany. 

Der gerahmte Raum, Exhibition im zeitraumexit, Mannheim 2008                                                   

Vis á vis, wall drawing Galerie Schuster Frankfurt 2006                                   

Private Performance, Ink on Paper 2004                                  

Ich widme mich dir voll und ganz, 1822 Forum Frankfurter Sparkasse 2008